Introduction to Web Development


Introduction to Web Development


Beautiful products, designs, ideas and applications all have a home on the web.  This course provides students the chance to build their own web applications from a range of incredible projects that will expand their understanding of application programming interfaces and user experience design through standard tools such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and jQuery.

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Dates: 09 July, 16 July, 23 July, 30 July, 6 Aug

Time: 10:00 - 13:00 EST

Location: TBA

Level: Beginner (12+)

Time: 15 Hours

Session 1: Web Concepts & the User

Students learn the basic concepts of the web such as text formatting, text editing, servers, clients and user based design.  Students will learn the basics of HTML and the elements of HTML styling via CSS.

Session 2: Structure + Style

Mobile-first is introduced as a design precept and students use Boostrap to develop their personal profile pages.  Students begin with the pen and graduate to the development environment for writing their HTML and CSS. 

Session 3: JavaScript Fundamentals

Client side scripting is what makes the beautiful web experience we use on a daily basis.  This session introduces basic concepts of JavaScript including syntax, algorithms and design philosophy.  Students apply their knowledge of JavaScript to tackle algorithms with direct bearing on slick web interactions.

Session 4: JSON + Application Programming Interfaces 

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is the backbone of the dynamic web.  Students are introduced to important object oriented concepts with direct application to interacting with the world's most popular web APIs including Twitter and others.

Session 5: The Dynamic Site

Students end their course by applying knowledge of JavaScript and are challenged to use it to add dynamic, API-linked elements to their web sites.  MashApe is introduced as an API marketplace and students complete several dynamic sites. Options include a shopping cart feature, random quote generator, calculator and heads up weather display.